bimos sintec chairs

You see weird chairs, but they’re more than that to me

They're significant

It’s clear I’m going through major changes. I didn’t close DJWORX lightly — it was for very good reasons. And these chairs reflect parts of my past, present, and future.

Don’t worry — I’ll keep it brief. In reverse order:

FUTURE — I’m done with desks. Be it standing or sitting, I want to work at a bench, measuring and drawing DJ gear, and pouring over the prints I’ll be producing. 

So I looked for some draughtsman’s chairs on Facebook Messenger and hit gold. I found a guy ten minutes away selling these highly specialised Bimos Sintec laboratory chairs. Good god — they’re epic. Everything adjusts. My back never felt so supported

PRESENT — these were a total bargain. Normally retailing at over £1000 a pair, I got them for £40 each. They need just a little TLC but work perfectly. I don’t need to spend huge amounts to derive real value. 

PAST — this is where it seemed like fate that I buy these chairs. From 88-94, I worked for a huge engine parts company, using the very beginnings of desktop publishing to create their parts catalogues.

I’m told that these chairs came from that company after it closed a few months ago. It had gone through many changes in the near three decades after I left, but the very personal connection is there.

Side note – I first saw a hypertext markup language demo while working at this company. My boss said it would never catch on. I knew he would be proved wrong. Since seeing that HTML demo, I knew I wanted to do something with it. I did. And so did the entire world.