Why Phase made me sad and mad, but now I’m glad

An epiphany made me write this

One of the key technological leaps that happened while DJWORX was alive was MWM’s Phase, the review of which is notable by its absence on the digital DJ timeline that is the DJWORX archive. 

Now I do have something I need to unload, both my feelings about the technology and the subsequent epiphany I’ve had in the last few days. Here goes. 

Phase made me sad and mad 

My general thought process — how dare this parasitic succubus stand on the shoulders of giants, effectively castrating all that is good and great about turntables and relegate them to be little more than a potter’s wheel with pitch control.

If I’m being deeply honest, this feeling, while genuine and valid, was in some small way because I was frustrated that they didn’t send a set for review, which with hindsight I know would have been tainted (and thus unpublishable) by the disappointment I felt at the endlessly delayed crowdfunded beta/prototype testing that new users were subjected to, as well as being ghosted but MWM’s clearly overwhelmed support who did eventually offer refunds.

Tell me I’m wrong. I believe I’m being generous.

But time has passed

And I’m in an entirely different place. And so is Phase. 

With the patronage of Serato, Phase has developed into something special. It’s dispensed with the audio approach that needed to be plugged into the mixer first and is now a fully wireless puck, and the cradle now plugs into the laptop with no RCAs necessary. This will delight everyone, but especially the sound techs in clubs, who notoriously do not like ANYONE messing with their stuff.

But how do I know it’s better? Our Ray now has Phase and gushes about it. And his opinion about DJ gear is law in my book. 

My Epiphany

Driven by my need to always look for upsides and opportunities, I recently had an epiphany. And by recently I mean while I was starting to write what was a cathartic but equally unpublishable rant along the lines of the first paragraphs. 

But I now see that Phase delivers an instant digital conversion for your costly analogue workflow. Or framed in a more positive way, Phase protects your analogue investment and enhances the capability of your turntables. 

It’s symbiotic rather than parasitic. Your turntable still plays vinyl if you choose, but now can work directly with DJ software without vinyl, carts, and needles. 

I think you’ll agree — quite the 180 on my part. But I’m allowed to change my mind. We all are. 

MWM Phase NAMM 2019 DJWORXGreen Credentials

This is the main driver for my epiphany and is a key part of my future purpose.

Phase is a recycling enabler that breathes life into old broken turntables. So instead of having to toss decks with snapped tonearms or dodgy cables, simply drop Phase on it and you’re off. All it has to do is spin.

Also and in theory, Serato DJ Pro has software fixes for wow and flutter so even a cheap and/or battered turntable will do. Or perhaps you want to dabble with digital. Instead of dropping serious coin on future plastic landfill, invest in Phase and see if laptop workflows suit you. 

No, I haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Nor have I magically received a box of product wrapped inunmarked banknotes from MWM and Serato. It’s simply…

Changed perspectives

Seems this was still cathartic after all. The red mist has cleared, and in the last 48 hours, I’ve stopped being mad at MWM and sad for turntables. 

I look forward to seeing Phase’s roadmap in the future. There’s a lot of potential beyond expanding workflows and recycling turntables. 

For example — imagine always carrying Phase and being able to play on any turntables in any club anywhere in the world with just your iPhone and Phase.

MWM – send boxes of Phases to the very fine people at Algoriddim and make djay Pro AI work out of the box on iOS.

That would be a great day indeed. For everyone.