The Worxlab

Welcome to The Worxlab

The start of Act III

Welcome, or should I say at this point, welcome back. if you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’re a skratchworx or most probably a DJWORX follower. Nice to see you again.

Before I get into my full stride, it’s important for me to post something — anything, without overthinking it. You see, I’m quite the perfectionist and details-driven to a crippling degree. I need to embrace a “good enough” philosophy to get this up and running, but in reality, it’ll never be “done”.


Not most valuable player, but minimum viable product. I’m throwing up a basic site and some content for you to get your teeth into. It’ll change and evolve rapidly, but because the internet has engendered memory spans of your average goldfish, something needs to inflict itself on your consciousness and quickly.

Rather than long rambling posts, I’m going to do a number of shorter ones to explain the finer points of how I’ll run The Worxlab and ultimately what its purpose is. This way they’ll stick in your mind rather than getting lost in a bottomless pit of my well-known TLDR prose.

I’d like you to get it quickly and not feel like you’re in a first week back after Christmas lecture, where my words bounce off your skull.

But definitely minimal

You’ll notice a distinct lack of colour, specifically orange. Again, I need to draw a line under my old life.

But I do most definitely love a minimal monochrome feel. So expect more personal studio-based photography from me, especially black and white.

There’s an old saying attributed to 17th-century writer Blaise Pascal that effectively says “if I’d had more time, I’d have written you a shorter letter”.

What I’m trying to do is keep things simple. It’s easy to enable every single feature, but web success is about optimising, about speed, and making it easy to use without spurious frippery. And that takes time.

Enjoy your trip

Settle in and prepare yourself for a little bit of what you like mixed with a world of new things.

I’d better get writing. I expect you’re impatient to see where this is going. I certainly am.