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The Worxlab v1.1 — the engagement update

Prodding things with the Worxdriver

Being the inveterate tinkerer that I am, I’ve been playing with the site to make things prettier, easier, quicker, and generally a better place to hang out in, and across all devices.

The important bits:

Recent comments
Speaks for itself — sits at the top of the page. I’m still tinkering with the design. 

Comment editing
You now get five minutes to fix the mistakes you thought you didn’t make. 

Comment Subscriptions
Click a box and get an email when someone carries on your conversation. 

The need for speed

My addiction is to make things better than I found them. And it’s fair to say that after a period of tweaking, honing, breaking, and fixing, The Worxlab flies on all platforms. There is an intermittent but known issue with Siteground and Safari, but I’m due to swap to a new host in March anyway.

One thing to note — while I run an online business and should care about traffic, collecting visitor stats adds a performance overhead as well as a Google tracker. 

So I’ve to rid of such things, for now at least. I’m swapping obsessing over numbers for obsessing about my future work. Time to get The Worxlab fired up properly.  

The bottom line

The Worxlab is screamingly fast now. I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

  1. Whooo, comment subscriptions! Always a handy thing to be notified when someone replies, and not have to manually check back a while later ^_^

  2. Please check this posts header photo and the text on it – at the moment the text overlaps/is not very readable.
    My ideas: tinker with css or blur the photo 🙂

    Otherwise, keep it up!

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