The Reloop Ready — I have questions for you

Just a couple of things

I might not be the first port of call for DJ Tech scribblings anymore, but I am still an opinionated arsehole and an outlet for said opinions if I so choose. And this morning Reloop announced their new all-in-one budget controller, tagged the Reloop Ready. 

You can find out all about it here. My first impression — it feels like Reloop made a Novation Twitch but with jogs. And I like it, especially for 250 quid.

But it’s not about my opinion anymore. Indeed, the industry seems to run on the opinions of just a few key people, whereas I’m now all about finding out what you lot think… you know, the people who buy this stuff. And as it turns out, I am now one of you too.

But I have questions for you. Actually one of my own and one from Dan (yes the DJWORX Slack channel is still alive and kicking). 

PITCH — happy with the location? 

I think this is the first time I’ve seen pitch controls next to EQ. I kind of sort of like that they’re in the nerve centre rather than pushed to one side, but I suspect I’d need to play to confirm. 

But how do you feel about the position of the pitch controls? Are you happy with the symmetry?

EQ — is two-band enough? 

Like other Reloop units, this has two-band EQ. They often have the facility to convert to three-band but at the expense of gain. But I cannot help but think that a little experimentation with layout and knob size would allow three-band to fit. Who remembers the Vestax PMC-05 Pro?

But Dan figured it would be interesting to find out how you use EQ.

  • Are you all about the high and low?
  • Do you ever touch the mids?
  • Are you physically incapable of mixing with less than four bands?
  • Would you be happier with smaller controls and three-band EQ?
  • Do you even touch EQ at all? 


One last thing — think modular

If you sliced the decks from the mixer, you’d have two very logical modular MIDI units. I like the idea of making up a full four-channel controller with four real decks and two mixer sections. But outside of NI’s Traktor X1 style controllers, modular never took off. Behringer’s CMD range should have done because they were amazing, but that’s another story. 

Just putting it out there, knowing it’ll never happen. 

  1. Aside my other comments and about EQ issue…

    I imagine a perfect world where we get faders for stems and eq but maybe we need touchscreens with graphical analysis and filtering like kaoss pad (and even touch faders directly…) but well that’s an iPad with Djay Pro so probably no need for something like that.

    About pitch I imagine deck controllers with horizontal fader on top and horizontal touchstrip on bottom or where usually people imagine pitch fader so we can use these as C-ones….

    But I’m a rare as an unicorn puking rainbows so, just remove any pitch and put a sync button. Most actual users will didn’t notice it (but don’t get away the jogs, they can’t scrub with a touchstrip to set cues… lol) xDDDD

  2. I actually really like it.

    I wanted a small controller to use when I’m sat on the sofa preparing tracks etc and grabbed one of the Korg Kaoss DJ units just as they was being discontinued (around £89) and it was the best purchase I ever made as it was also a Kaoss Pad Mini and an external mixer too. The size is great and this is what makes me like this too. There is a market for these small form factor units but I don’t think they are for live use.

    As for the EQ, I usually drop a little mid range out and set it to the 11am position while putting the high on the 1am position. This is because my ears can’t take too much mid and I find it uncomfortable. I feel that if the EQ has the right crossover points and allows the right frequencies to be trimmed then two band is okay.

    I’m an absolute hater of symmetrical controllers. I know that you quite like the symmetry but I’ve had them and really can’t get along with them. The MCX8000 was awful for that. It is when they mirror ‘some’ the functions that really irks me. For example, the SHIFT button is mirrored yet the CUE buttons aren’t. My muscle memory never got to grips with that in the 2.5 years that I had it as you have to press it differently depending which side you was on and which hands was free. I came from an SX and this was the same on both sides (like my Prime 4). However, I can live with the pitch where it is on the Reloop. I had (or still have) a Twitch and find that I hit sync with that all the time so that was kinda okay.

    Asymmetrical, especially when it is a bigger controller where you position yourself infant of each deck is much better. When it is smaller like this, I can use it for playing around with in front of the TV.

    1. I feel that symmetry works more effectively depending on size. For example, making symmetrical pairs of turntables wouldn’t work for anyone used to turntables.

      But when you’re talking about something like the Reloop Ready where the size and workflow are quite different then it should feel easier to adapt to.

      New DJs who have never used turntables or CDJs before shouldn’t have this issue. Symmetry to the human brain is quite natural anyway.

      1. Are you building something? I understood it was part of the worxlab manifiesto…


        PS: I’m feeling better after little hiatus. I still think djing is illness but I’m taking my pills xDD

    1. Similar concepts are spotting here and there (for example at Traktor forums or my IG hehe) but nobody is building truly these (aside scratchilluminati and some other brave portablist modders but maybe not the same thing?) so…

      Are djs just good at photoshop (in the best case) or the “hardware hacker spirit” (from King Tubby to John Beez) isn’t a thing anymore (now that djtechtools crew seems just doing blogging…¿?)

      I’m curious if it’s just boring, covid or trend fading away…

  3. As someone who last year bought my first Rotary mixer after 20yrs of faders and EQs (namely the MS radius 4) id argue that no EQ and a gentle HPF is all thats ever needed now:)

    I would love a proper single deck midi controller that is compact, with limited space its a great way of getting a 3rd deck.

    The controller itself looks pretty sleek but its got some stiff competition to go up against with the Pioneer budget range, but the more the merrier i say.

  4. *I don’t think that the position of the pitch faders is a biggie, once you get familiar with the layout everything flows.
    * I used to own a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 which does not have gain knobs, but instead has 3 band eq with filters for each channel. I can’t live without gain, so I remapped the filters to gain knobs (Serato midi mapping is a pain in the ass and those are the only knobs I could remap to fit my needs).
    My eq needs are just gain, HIs and Los. I don’t think I ever touch the MIDs.
    * I currently own a Numark Dj2go2. It’s not much but fits my needs (playing one track to the next). I have been looking at Numark Party Mix as my next controller, but I am alReady sold to this little new offering by Reloop. Just the right size, and offers everything I have been missing in the Dj2go2.

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