The Rane One — some observations

It's a NS7 in Rane clothing but that's a good thing

Let’s state two things from the start:

• I love Rane
• I love the Numark NS7

So Rane having a crack at making an NS7 in their image was always going to work for me. And it does, in a big way.

The irony hasn’t escaped me that a few weeks after closing DJWORX such a unit gets announced and miss the chance of a free one*. Oh wait — those days were over a long time ago.

* I knew it was coming. The grapevine has twitched for a long time.

But the days of me wearing a media outlet’s hat are over. By now, you’ll be neck-deep in previews, first looks, full reviews, and official PR*. Here’s a link to the official site — that’s your lot from me.

* Just looked — my SoMe timelines are heaving under the weight.

In a heartbeat

I haven’t seen it in the flesh, nor am I likely to any time soon. But I would queue to buy one of these. An NS7 with knobs on that I suspect will do DVS as well is an epic box ticker for me. Cue someone calling that a review of the Rane One.

But some thoughts spring to mind, not about features, but about pricing and brands.

Price vs value

I’ve read some ridiculous price estimates, as low as $700. Ranes are built like a tank. Even the plastic and rubber are made of metal.

But it’s about worth — to me, the Rane One is worth the £1299 UK asking price. I would reasonably expect this to have a long life span, so for say five years that’s 71 pence a day.

Yes, it’s expensive to find that kind of money in one go, but if you want professional-level equipment that’ll last, you must be prepared to dig a little deeper. This stuff isn’t cheap plastic landfill. I want a tank, and I’ll pay tank prices.

Rane One

A Rane controller?

Old Rane told me that they talked about doing a controller, but couldn’t add anything meaningful to the space. But looking at the Rane One, it’s a remixed Numark NS7 with new Rane DNA. I see the PR is littered with “first” and “only” and “professional”, but technically it’s new to Rane, but nothing new is being added per se.

But it’s a controller. From Rane. And that’s more Denon DJ’s thing. And there’s a lot of tech crossover going on here too. The brand lines are beginning to blur, especially as the Rane One marketing isn’t especially turntablist aimed, or really that different to other marketing in the inMusic group.

From a brand perspective, this NS7 in Rane clothing does move Numark down the brand ladder by a notch too. It no longer aspires to be the cutting edge brand it once was and adopts a more wallet-friendly filtered down from the top feel.

Contrast this with Pioneer DJ — a wide product range appealing to all kinds of diverse markets, but just one logo to worry about. From entry-level DDJ200 controller to the glorious DJM V10LF mixer — it’s one logo on the box.

Blurred Lines

The future will depend on how separate inMusic wants to keep the brands. Numark sits on its own in an entry-level position, but there’s an increasingly fuzzy line between the professional Rane and Denon DJ bands where once there was a wall.

  1. As cool as this hardware is, I’m baffled by the idea of a scratch-oriented controller built by a scratch-oriented manufacturer not presenting their deck layout in battle mode. Moreover, the center detent of the tempo fader being dead level with the top of the volume fader absolutely invites the possibility of grabbing the wrong control if you’re not careful. Definitely something to address for version 2.

  2. Hi Mark!!! So glad to see you getting into a new adventure!

    I must say I was underwhelmed by the size platter of the Rane One. Even 8″ would have made a world of difference. The 7″ craze of the last years probably ironed the platter size of motorized controllers, but how many DJs or wannabe DJs have really scratched on 7″s? It was a really good opportunity from Rane to design something a little more scratch-oriented with proper larger vinyls, since other InMusic brands already deliver in the rest of the market.

    As you say there are people who needs things built like a tank, but I wonder how behind the NS7 III can be as they are really similar and basically have the same feature set.

    As hard as I love Rane and always will (even though now InMusic brand) the *One feels like one would be paying for Rane’s brand name imprints and not really anything innovative in any way… I may be wrong: time will tell.

  3. It’s sad that out of Serato, the moving platters didn’t make their path.
    Only the S4mk3 with Traktor, but nothing special.
    The SC3900 is too old to have a Rekordbox timecode (a real one), the Twelve mk2 is not meant for RKB (even if it does “work”).

    What is even more sad is that they kept doing 7″ rotating platers. 10″ would be a perfect size (simply add a 10″ disc on a V7 to check).

    A Rane Ten with DVS for all software (or user updatable) would be a perfect addition to any dj software setup.

    I was so deceived, I sold these V7, I’m not looking for a SC3900 anymore. I’m also on my last turntable : Reloop 8000mk1 (Technics gone, pdx gone, ttx gone, ntx gone).
    My old SLDZ and CDX might still do the job of moving without skipping. #kiss

  4. I’ll be honest, Mark – I’m not yet clear on what The Worxlab is or will be about but if it’s still covering DJ gear like the Rane One, I’ll still be tuning in.

    As soon as I saw it, I was wondering what your thoughts were on it as I think everyone who remembers the NS7 immediately thought ‘hey, Rane have just shrunk the NS7!’.

    I was a little surprised that they didn’t put mag 4 faders in all three fader slots given Rane’s history with turntablism but then, are turntablists going to buy this? Probably not – it’s in the price range of the DDJ 1000 SRT but is different enough that they’ll be people wanting to buy this one.

  5. Wonder when inMusic will restore the Stanton brand!
    The SCS.1D was waaaay ahead its time.
    Only the wobbly disc, the FW connection, the unmached stanton support, and the f*^ked up little screens made it dissapear!

    Still missing the motorised fader on every multi-layerd device.

    Also the SCS.4, as the first standalone!

    I hope Rane will make a V7 version of this and a rane two with 4 ch support, so we can build our 4 ch with 4 motors!

    Or even better with 10 inch, upgraded SCS1D as standalone

    Maybe in 2025 or so!

      1. Would be cool if Rane bought recently purchased Stanton’s tech into a Twelve mk3 that would happen to also play real vynils.

        That would finally make me consider swapping my Technics.

      2. Would be such a waste.
        Standalone stuff
        Controller stuff, both mechanical and touch related.
        Ah, and Stanton made the DVS thing as well!

        The best inmusic could do, is using all of the IP in other brads!

        Would lile to see an NS10 standalone, or more likely a real modular Rane system, that works as a LEGO.

        12 inch platters, additional tonearm, drum pads, fx part, motorised fader option,
        A mixer that can be 2/3/4 channel, 3/5 band EQ (STEM’s option), standalone option, multi-screen option, all with/without soundcard, ‘couse it is hard to beat Apogee/Halo/RME/Focusrite.

        Cheap base model, and mind blowing maxed out version, with MANY upgrade kits!

        User first thinking, and the Rane brand could blow away the Pioneer (probably)

        1. I agree with that approach but that’s more suitable for a DIY project than commercial brand… or amost that’s what brands seem to believe.

  6. Definitely miss your reviews Mark ! honest feedbacks, hardware dissections (especially paltter comparision with ns7/sc5000m/sc6000m), sarcastic tone

    You’ve predicted this Rane One sine Rane has been acquired by inMusic and after the SC5000M. You said that NS/V series cannot stay under numark no more.

    You’ve spotted a very valid point when you’re talking the blurred line between Denon and Rane ! I really thought this Rane One would have been branded Denon XXX, because apart the crossfader it’s not an turntablist controller (they could have at least put the platter below the pads)
    Denon just can’t make only Prime units for Engine DJ because there will be a missing area in inMusic portfolio. Obviously it’s too soon for inMusic to clear legacy brands and put then under an unique inMusic logo…so the future is even blurred.

  7. I do want to add this for inMusic to take in — I read a lot of calls for the player section to be cut off and be available on its own. It would indeed make a great Rane Seven. And then please please please make a Rane Twelve MK3 in the same style.

    More than anything, when you’ve hacked off the decks to make a player, don’t scrap the middle section. Make the Rane Seventy/Seventy One This constant cramming in of bell and whistles just makes things more complex and costly. Do the basics well and people will be interested. I’d have one in a heartbeat.

  8. It’s so close to that time of year again. A time when all the latest flashy lights and noisy boxes gets shown off to the DJ world and amongst the hype the first person I thought about when this dropped was you.

    I’m chuffed to see your take on it. After all these years waiting to see a Rane logo slapped on a controller it happens two weeks after you bow out of the review game.


    It looks a great bit kit. It’s definitely a gateway controller to bigger and better things and in all for that. I guess we will see a Prime 4 style Rane controller as a Serato embedded device one day. That would be interesting.

    1. I guess we will see a Prime 4 style Rane controller as a Serato embedded device one day.

      Can of brand worms opened right there.

      Why not just make a Prime 4M instead? How would a Rane four-channel device be any better? Would a new unproven Serato embedded be better than the more established Engine OS? Why have two brands essentially doing the same thing?

      1. Although sister brands to Denon DJ, Rane seems to still be the bosom-buddy to Serato and I just feel they will keep (for now) the EngineOS stuff for the Denon DJ line and let Rane cosy on up to Serato.

        Serato will most probably need to go the way of Android to get manufacturers on board. Maybe getting their embedded software on for free and making money with expansion packs and plugins.

        I think InMusic would be prepared to let one of their brands run SDJ on a Linux based OS and think Rane would be the best fit. If it all went wrong I guess a version of EngineOS would be able to be dropped in for a MKII version and functionality would be pretty much the same.

        Denon DJ have nailed it with EngineOS and feel Serato need to get behind something similar. If they don’t act fast their will be an established ecosystem and they will be having to team up with Reloop or Gemini.

        Would a Rane One standalone with EngineOS carry as much brand power as a Rane One with embedded Serato DJ? I think it would. A Prime 2 motorised in Rane livery but running a version of Serato DJ would be a nice piece of the inMusic puzzle to cover all bases.

        1. I see the point but Serato will keep the Hiphop workflow even if they don’t want to meanwhile Denon will keep the Mixing sticker even if they try to get rid off.
          So I also believe Serato should play right movements (forced by Apple Silicon disruption) and came with some kind of embed and/or universal app… but being so x86 centric (as NI btw…) plays against them.
          Over the years industry said infinte times that iPads weren’t professional tools… ok, but their chips are now inside the “professional defacto tool” aka mac. So iPad was a clue into the future that dj field (or better said djs) fought against (as usual…). It happened with dvs born (also with cdj), it happened with sync, with Ableton live, with stems vs jogs… etc. Some of them with true reason but the most becoming the new standard just creating a gap between “classic” (or better said purism) and “new wave” (or usually called by purist “cheaters”).
          And here we are with all options but still not satisfied…
          My questions are.
          “It’s djing still fun?”
          “Was turntablism?” “What was the aim in the beggining?” “We lost the perspective?”
          “It’s beatjuggling still necessary when we have cue pads?” Etc…

          People got inertia and tought “rules” instead “independence” so we have the brands mirroring (when not try to force) that lost perspective…

          A person doesn’t needs more than an iDevice to do a great music session (and somehow dj if he/she wants). Also the same person will not get better tool for scratching than a regular turntable and battleweapon (true zero latency). All in between is a matter of taste and mental constraints/projection.

          The perfect tool doesn’t exist. Human crafts the better it can which whatever it has at hand.

          Tooltablism never was a sticker, it was a feeling.

  9. A more in-depth review with those super images……
    Will be missed every time I read others.
    You should do product pictures for the others at least. Probably even for the manufacturers, ‘couse those been mastered, and very good DJ perspectives.

    1. I plan to carry on doing photography, more for me than anyone else. If the industry wants some real photographs instead of renders, I’m happy to oblige, for a fee of course.

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