The DJWORX gear sale continues — Denon DJ, Numark, and others

Not on eBay yet — first dibs for the DJWORX community

So. Much. Stuff. 

I’ve waded through the smaller items, and it’s a draining process to unbox, test, shoot good pics, and put them up on eBay. 

So I’m taking a different approach now because I need to be focused on the future. And I want this community to have first dibs.

So here’s a list of what remains. It’s a mixture — things similar to those I’ve been eBayed before, but a focus on Numark and Denon DJ. This is largely what I’d class as “the good stuff” and takes up far too much room in The Worxlab. And you lot know exactly what you’re looking at too.

All the shiny

When you see the list, you may ask why on earth I’m selling such a glorious stash of nextlevelness. Pretty easy to explain — if they were out of their boxes, it would be a permanent distraction. I need focus, not toys. I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t have both.


  • Unless stated, assume it’s in first-class condition. I look after stuff. 
  • The price is already good. So unless you’re looking for a number of items and trying to get better delivery deals, please don’t come at me with cheeky but insulting lowballs, because if it doesn’t sell here, I’ll eBay it.
  • UK buyers are preferred. Thanks Brexit. But for long-standing non-UK community members… we can talk.
  • I post some things by Royal Mail but the larger heavier stuff is via courier only.
  • You can pay by Paypal or direct bank transfer. Or if you so choose, you can even pay me a visit, collect in person, and put cold hard cash in my hands.
  • This will be up for a week, and anything that’s unsold will go to eBay.

Need more info or just want to snap my hand off — drop me an email at

Sorry for the lack of studio shots and long-winded descriptions. That’s what the internet is for.

So without further delay, here’s the list:

D-Vinyl 2020 

This is a slice of early digital DJ history right here. From 2002, this is a Windows driven rack mount/tabletop unit with inputs for control vinyl, which thankfully is in the box — picture disks in fact and a timecode CD too. 

I see this as a fun project for someone to attempt to get working, or for collectors to put on a shelf. My Mac sees it so it does appear to be operational, just without software. VirtualDJ works I believe. 

The box has seen better days, but the unit still has films on the screens. 

Price: £50
Shipping: £10

American Audio DP2

The story of this device is here:

Far from new, and the box is having a nervous breakdown, but barely used either. Fully functional and in great condition apart from some slight corrosion on screws. Would still make a great backup unit. 

Price: £25
Shipping: £10

Reloop RMP4

This turned up and went straight into storage unreviewed. Essentially it’s “Reloop does a CDJ” but for a fraction of the price.

Check the DDJT review here —

I broke the seal today to check it’s all working. Would be useful as a plays everything until in your studio.

Price: £95
Shipping: £10

Numark PT01 scratch

Almost didn’t sell this, but then realised it’s been unused in a box in full view for years. I’m never going to use this, but I did create an illustration a couple of years ago from it. So it’s served its purpose.

My review is here:

Price: £75
Shipping: £10

V-Moda Vamp Versa

I went to a meeting in London with V-Moda and got one of these for my trouble. Never used it, and had so little interest in a headphone DAC/charger that I spent zero time with it and put it in a drawer. 

Turns out this thing is some serious hardware that still works with the latest iPhone, and probably Android too. But being diagnosed with partial hearing loss, it’s of no use to me.

There are plenty of glowing reviews — here’s a typical example:

To make it more appealing to iOS users, I’ve included a 30 pin to Lightning converter to make it easier to use with modern iOS devices. I’m also chucking in an iPhone 5 metal case that I suspect will be of little use to anyone, but it came with it.

Price: £195
Shipping: £10

Denon DJ MCX8000

Ah… the Denon DJ non-Prime Prime mega unit. I really enjoyed this while I had it out. I’ve since had it running again and updated the firmware so it works with Serato DJ Pro and can apparently use libraries created with Engine Prime.

To test, I plugged it into the latest Serato DJ Pro running on my Mac with Big Sur and accidentally smashed out a 30 minute old school set. What a hoot — this is still as good as I remember. But it’s a distraction so it’s getting sold. 

Price: £595
Shipping: £20

DJ Tech DIF-1M mixer

DJ Tech had the budget DJ (especially turntablist) corner nailed. And the DIF-1M was brought out as a wallet-friendly alternative to the Traktor Z2. 

It’s a cracking little mixer that has a mini Innofader inside. As far as MIDI goes, only the hot cues and loop/track knobs are mappable. And to clarify — there is no USB audio interface in this. 

Price: £60
Shipping: £10

That’s all for now

There’s a pile of NI stuff waiting, as well as the remaining miscellaneous odds and sods that make The Worxlab untidy.

Nearly there. Then the fun can begin.