Social media and the lack thereof

My house, not theirs.

I had started to write something prosaic and clever. But I can sum it up quickly and probably have people nod in agreement. 

I won’t be doing social media. There will be no rush to build pointless arbitrary numbers, and any activity will be simply to get people to come to The Worxlab site. 

The one exception is Instagram. Being visual, it fits well with my goals, has good engagement, and seems to be filled with good people.

Am I mad? Possibly.

But why?

I don’t like crowds in big noisy rooms, the irony of which never ceases to amaze me. Given the choice, I’d rather hang out with friends, enjoying good company and great conversation. That’s how I run my house. 

And that’s why I won’t waste time building big numbers who will never engage with my purpose. Passers by need not apply.

You can have millions of tracks on a hard drive and feel that you’ve accomplished something. But how many have you listened to? How many have moved you? How many would you listen to again? 

It’s about quality, not quantity. It’s about building a real community and having a meaningful relationship together. 

I’ve said it before

And I’ll say it again — fuck your numbers game.

You’re all invited into my house, to sit at my kitchen table (pictured above), and to get involved. That’s what matters.