The Worxlab Aspects fine art DJ prints

Seeing things differently — The Worxlab ASPECTS prints

Back behind the lens, but with a different perspective

One of the key elements of skratchworx and DJWORX was the studio-grade photography. Press packs provided the usual angles, but I wanted detail. I wanted the photography to go as deep as the opinion. 

So in 2004, I picked up a Canon Powershot A80 (a full 4 megapixels no less) and started my illustrious photography and video career. 

As a self-taught snapper, I wasn’t confined by convention. Indeed, I’m wired to reject it. So while I did do the usual top/front/back/hero shots, I took pictures of things I wanted to see — the different angles and perspectives, and in particular the close-ups. 

And the DJ community seemed to like it. But I miss being behind the lens. So let’s fix that.

The Worxlab Aspects limited edition photography prints for DJs

Introducing The Worxlab ASPECTS

As I no longer need to concern myself with review-friendly imagery (always the rear panel shots that got the most clicks), I can let my creativity and imagination be unleashed.

Be it close-up or at angles that you wouldn’t normally observe, I want to show familiar gear from different aspects. 

I imagine it hanging on your wall and demanding your attention. I love the idea of it making the observer stop in their tracks and just gaze at it. Do you see what it is? Or does your imagination see something else completely?

Perhaps you’re seeing detail you’d never seen before and now appreciate exactly what goes into making this iconic DJ gear. 

Worxlab Aspects DJ fine art print Sennheiser HD 25 Sunflower

ASPECT #1 — Sunflower

While I’ve had a long-held wish to get back behind the lens, a throwaway post on Instagram joking about the limits of the detail I’m prepared to go to in my illustrations* accelerated the wish into a plan.

* I did recreate the foam cover. You knew I would.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, this is the foam and leatherette earpiece from the recently illustrated Sennheiser HD 25 headphones.

The Instagram shot got some good feedback, especially from my better half. “Looks like a sunflower” she said, as did the rest of my family. I see the iris and pupil of an eye, but “Sunflower” seems to fit better.

So I decided to break out the trusty Canon DSLR complete with Sigma 50mm macro lens and shot a proper version worthy of fine art printing.

This kind of imagery has always been my thing. And I already have a growing list of possible Aspects that I’m itching to experiment with.

One size. One colour. One run.

Like all my work, this is a strictly limited run, and the ASPECTS will be more so than the illustrations. I’ll be running just 33 giclée fine art prints, in monochrome, and in the DJ-friendly 12″ size only.

And they’re available in the shop today.


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