That one time I did a video review

It was enough

I thought I would do more, but I only did one video review.

You see my hands and feet. You didn’t need to see anything else.

This is a Decksaver, this is what it does, and this is how well it does it. There is no better DJ gear review video than this.

Review like you bloody mean it

Tools aren’t optional. Get your hands dirty. Shake it — hit it. Pull faceplates off. Show what’s inside — it’s often more important than what’s outside.

DJWORX leaves a hole. I trust that somebody will fill it.

  1. I can confirm that NI UK never received any X1/F1/Z1 returns where the fault was reported as ‘broken when stood on to check if the decksaver really worked’

    I did get a call from an angry mother of a DJ who’s S4 stopped working – it had been washed with beer, but her son swore there was no-one drinking next to it.

    we politely declined to waive the (entirely reasonable) repair fee when I confirmed there was no other possible explanation.

    He should have bought a decksaver.

  2. Fun fact — Decksavers were shitting themselves somewhat reluctant to repost the video when I made it for fear of idiots attempting to reproduce it with their own gear.

    I can see the fun lawyers would have with people using this technique to smash the living shit out of their old broken gear with a sledgehammer and drowning it with a jet washer in an attempt to con new shiny out of Decksaver.

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