Keth Haring

Read this quote from Keith Haring, then you’ll understand

As an old school Hip Hop head, I saw Keith Haring‘s art as a key part of the aesthetic. It was unique then and is iconic now.

He died 31 years ago today. And I just read a quote from him that sums up perfectly why I’ve moved away from the DJ tech media to satisfy my creative urges.

“I am making things in this world that won’t go away when I do”

It’s been my feeling for a long time, but Keith states it so succinctly.

Keeping it real

Skratchworx and DJWORX may well be much-loved brands, but they exist in the digital world only.

I need a body of work that can be seen, touched, and even smelled. Fresh print is intoxicating. And don’t get me started on bound leather.

When I walk out of The Worxlab for the last time, I need to know that my work still exists.

So I’m going to create things that will, long after I don’t.

Image credit: Rob Bogaerts, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

  1. I get the feeling, when my city got a new theatre I just signed a contract so I got to help build the organisation. Now after nearly 10 years I am still proud to see some things I help develop or thought of to make it our own. And I’m only 35, so many years ahaid of me and so many project to do, even in this Covid world.

    1. That’s good work.

      I don’t have regrets as such, because my path has allowed me to do some very good work. But the more I get back to making things (did a little bookbinding today), I truly wish I’d spent more time making real things.

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