Gemini PMX-2200 Mixer — 12″ print — Colour style


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After the Gemini PMX-2200  7″ print comes the 12″ print. It’s a familiar size for DJs and brings with it more detail and a bigger statement for your wall.

The 12″ print delivers an accurate reproduction of the mixer at 70% scale.

It measures 12″ exactly and in theory fits any frame that nominally measures 12″. Best to check the measurement of the frame first.

We do however unreservedly recommend professional framing. The 12″ looks stunning with  3-4″ mount in a simple black frame. Your new print deserves to be the focus

Supplied unmounted but with 12″ backing board ready for framing.

It’s safely packaged and delivered in a familiar 12″ mailer.

Limited Edition

This is a limited run of 33, all numbered and signed. A certificate of authenticity is included.


Printed with Lucia pigment ink on 285gsm acid-free platinum etching paper with 25% cotton content.

Colour style is effectively a coloured-in Line style illustration. It’s a few steps short of a render, and very firmly rooted in my drawing board days.

To find out more about the process of drawing and printing, click here.

To find out why we don’t sell framed prints, click here.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 1 cm

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