Black plate — back

Pretty sure The Worxlab started with this

Tangible and gorgeous

My mission to declutter has seen me rummage through many a dusty old box. Some have ended up on eBay and even more will do soon.  

But this morning, found in a box behind other boxes, were letterpress printing plates that were used to create the “Decade of DJWORX and skratchworx” picture disk. 

Marking a decade of my journey, I wanted something tangible rather than digital. And I wanted it to be special too. And it’s fair to say that it turned out better than I had imagined. 

Read the full story from the time it was released.

It got me thinking

I’ve always been a maker operating in the world of the real. And while I slipped quite naturally into the online world, I always wanted to make something with actual shape and form with my brands on.

I think I did pretty well.

But when I think back, this project was probably the catalyst for The Worxlab. And if this was the first, then the future looks good.

I wonder what I’ll manage to pull out of the hat for the 20th?