PLAYdifferently Model 1.4 mixer video

Bigger number, smaller mixer

Just announced — posted only because muscle memory I love the video. It goes with The Worxlab aesthetic.

I’d make ones just like it if I had the gear. The original was shot with a robot. I want a robot.

  1. It states MADE IN THE UK – but is it Really? My Xone DB4 says made in the UK, but later on they changed to making them in CHINA.

    (I assume it’s still A&H making these)

    I like the concept of it, will Pioneer follow with an extention?

    1. It’s true — made in Scotland to be precise, which for now is part of the UK at least.

      I don’t see Pioneer DJ doing it. The V10 is the nearest leftfield mixer they’ll do. And the DJMs are due an update, but if they’re anything like the CDJ-3000, they won’t be a huge move away. They don’t need to be.

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