Pioneer DJ — a planned health check

One year later

A year ago, Pioneer DJ didn’t release the expected CDJ-2000 follow up at NAMM 2020.

This prompted social media comments box experts to once again predict the demise of the industry-leading company.

So I made a todo entry to follow up a year later to see if indeed Pioneer DJ would make it to NAMM 2021.

Well DJWORX didn’t make it, and neither did NAMM 2021. But checking my records:

  • Pioneer DJ sold to Noritsu
  • Released two models of the insane DJM-V10 club mixer
  • Pushed out a new DDJ-FLX6 controller
  • Upgraded rekordbox to V6 with cloud library thing
  • Followed up the S9 with the DJM-S11, with 2 + 2 channels
  • Literally just announced the DJM-S7, essentially a cut-down S11
  • They also released the CDJ-3000, Just later than planned.

I’m no comments box expert, but everything seems just fine to me. As if it was ever in doubt.

  1. I think Pioneer is starting to go from the producer brand it once was to the consumer niche brand it was destined to become. This isn’t a bad thing at all.

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