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Time for a change

The backbone of a community is the engagement, and as the DJWORX community, we are bloody good at it.

Because I treat the comments section as my house, I think of us sitting around my kitchen table, eating the food I’ve cooked for you, and having a good old chinwag about DJ stuff. It’s civil, lively, and at times heated.

Above all, it’s constructive and respectful. But if you abuse my hospitality, I’ll happily show you the door.

And the usual method for most is Disqus. It’s hard to find a comments section that doesn’t use it.

But I don’t plan to. I’ve used it for years, but it’s costly, bloated, slow, and offers restricted security and moderation — unless I pay even more that is.

From a designer’s perspective, I cannot abide how it inflicts itself beneath my carefully designed webpages with little option to customise.

So continuing with my minimal less is more approach, I’m not installing Disqus in The Worxlab.

My house

This is something I want to underline again. The Worxlab will be deliberately small, frequented by people like us who are passionate about DJ gear. I don’t want it to be like my former peers — I want, nay need for it to stand alone and away.

So for now, I’ll stick with WordPress comments. You can post as a guest, or register via icons in the sidebar or burger menu to join The Worxlab community and share our purpose.

I’m looking at other options, but I do not want to gamify the commenting experience will all manner of gimmicky chaff. The comments are the focus, not the bloated bling around it.

For now, you can style your text with the usual HTML codes such as <b>text</b> etc.


Will a lack of the ubiquitous Disqus stop you commenting? Or will you welcome the change and prioritise the mission over the method?

  1. So glad to see this all happening. This seems easy enough and I am eager to see if and how we get notified of any replies. That being said Disqus was just an alternate means to the same end.

  2. Hello Mark,

    it’s been a while… I remember those Skratchworx articles on gears I couldn’t afford and years later I can, so I have bought some of these old shool tech just for fun. From time to time I still dive into the archives which are (for me) priceless : release date, issues, benchmarking back then.

    I feel you when you talk about passion before numbers (dealt with the same dilema and went out), I’ll kept an eye on you because I still value you and your opinions on the DJ industry.
    All these years reading from your team, have taught me so many things on the mindset behind brands and models probably what made me felt in love with the behind scene of the DJs.

    Here we are now, sitting in your kitchen, a few of us, drinking, chatting, “been there…”, “done that…” but it’s not an end : it’s different !

    Thank you.

  3. It’s great to see a fair few names from ‘the much loved ex’ and I totally agree about growing organically. It’s a good time to start with a new direction.

    I always found that the previous Worx comments section was mostly civil with only a few heated debates over the years. WP comments seems spot on.

  4. Ahh thank god! Disques was getting to be a pain with login, it doesn’t seem to work with Twitter login anymore, or it would work but then you’d have to create/login witha disques account.

    Curious, will comments be removed from DJ Worx at some point then ?

    1. Hey Scott — good to see an old face here.

      Comments will remain on DJWORX, but I will probably remove Disqus. It’s 10 quid a month I could use for something far more productive.

  5. So glad you’ve decided to continue writing, love you work and hopefully I dont sound like a fan boy er fan old man.

    Good luck with the new project

  6. Hi Mark!

    I’m happy to see there is still a continuity here!

    I like the fact no sh?tcuss involved, and no more race to be the first who publishes a review/opinion….. it is soo childish, and racing eas not created by God, but someone else (who hides in the dark)!

    I wish all the best M8!

  7. Happy new year, Mark!

    I enjoyed Disqus for its notifications, formatting, and voting options.
    The omission of it will not keep me from visiting and commenting here, though 🙂

    1. Hello Kevin. Glad you made it here without a map. I’m just going to let it grow organically — no announcements.

      As for bells and whistles — let’s see how it pans out. For now, I’m very happy with the basic abilities of WP native comments. But it’s important to make my houseguests feel comfortable too. After all, without your input, there’s no point in doing this.

  8. Nothing wrong at all with using WordPress comments! Disqus has a bad habit of taking forever to load anyways.. Or not loading at all!

    Looking forward to seeing the Worxlab!

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