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Hello A2 Hosting

A quickie about web hosting. Just scored an obscenely good deal with A2 Hosting. So the assorted Worxes are in a new home as of yesterday.

Importantly, A2 Hosting is a green company. The environment is important to them, and to me too.

And it’s fast. We’re talking milliseconds over Siteground, but these things matter.


There was an issue with DJWORX giving out 404 errors which is now fixed. And in The Worxlab, a Captcha issue when registering was fixed this morning.

Please have a dabble and let me know if things are behaving. Remember, in the days of hundreds of thousands of readers, someone was bound to report issues. Now you can all fit around my kitchen table, don’t assume that somebody else reported breakages.

Ta very much.

  1. Congratulations mark welcome to your new house.
    i listened really good reviews and rates about A2 Hosting but unfortunately they offer nothing for web radio hosting.
    I use since 4 years to host my radio and it’s really stable, fast, cheap and simple.
    Just don’t look the hardware i use to stream….you’re going to have an heart attack.

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