Vestax Trinity fine art print limited edition

My new print — the Vestax Trinity

We are family.

There’s recognisable and then there’s iconic. And that’s precisely what the first Vestax turntablist-specific mixers are. The PMC (that’s professional mixing controller to you) 05 Pro, PMC-06 Pro, and PMC-07 Pro are the epitome of iconic, not just in looks but also in features.

They were the mixers to have. Be it 05, 06, or 07, you were part of a select group. You were clearly a turntablist dedicated to their craft and willing to pay the premium to be part of the turntablist tribe.

Iconic? Really?

Oh yes. Allow me to demonstrate.

You see? The design language is brilliant. It’s instantly recognisable from just a couple of rectangles. And if you know your stuff, you’ll know exactly which mixer it is. And that’s why this print works so well.

A Potted History

Vestax has always walked its own path and done things very much its own way, which is why we all loved them so much. And it was a way that tapped into the consciousness of the emerging turntablist scene.

Released in 1995, the PMC-05 Pro was the blueprint for all that followed. The PMC-06 Pro appeared a couple of years later (the first with a hamster switch) along with the PMC-07 Pro, a mixer so important and iconic that despite all the bells and whistles offered by today’s digital technology, some DJs still swear by and use the 07 today.

Vestax Trinity fine art print

About this print

My usual process is to draw individual products and put out a range of prints in different colours and sizes. They will come very soon, but I wanted to get out something that showcases the complete views of all three mixers in one print that pays maximum respect to the PMC family.

And wow, does this print do just that. The reaction to the top image, when posted on Instagram, was epic.

I suspected this would be the case, and will be running this one differently.

I’m extending the limited run to 50, because I want more people to be able to own my art. And instead of £175, these will be at a more affordable £125. Still the same quality and complete experience, but priced to allow me to keep paying studio rent.

Vestax Trinity fine art print Worxlab
Looks great in my hands, but even better on a wall, ideally your wall.

The overwhelmingly glowing response to my assorted social posts tells me that these might not stick around for long.

Grab yours right here.

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