Introducing SHORTFORMS

The small things that matter

“Check your mail — I just sent you a link”.

This is common in our lives, as is pushing back in your chair and announcing “why is it that…?” or “wouldn’t it be nice if…?”.

Or maybe you glance up from your screen and tell the person opposite some short news you just read.

Life is a constant stream of bits and bobs, little snippets of stuff that are interesting but don’t require lengthy tomes and hours of Photoshop to craft an eye-catching post image.

So I’m going to start doing them here, and they’ll be called SHORTFORMS. You’ll find them in the side bar or menu icon on mobile.

Most likely they’ll be random thoughts, but could be anything. If I see something I think you’ll find interesting, I’ll post it as a shortform. Hell, I might even start reading reviews and posting the ones I like.

It’s an evolving idea. I’ll probably need up rejigging the homepage to include them. But I’m all about small victories and keeping things progressing right now.

The Worxlab House Rules

1. Be polite, constructive, and helpful.
2. Never be afraid to challenge opinions, but remember point 1.
3. Stay on topic.

The rules are simple to explain and follow. Veer from them and I'll happily show the door. I trust I have been quite clear.

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