I was convinced I didn’t like Traktor — seems I was wrong

And now it's too late

My transition from feared critic to happy creative is definitely becoming a voyage of self-discovery. A couple of weeks ago, I spoke of my radical attitude change towards Phase. And now it seems that another long-held belief has also been blown out of the water. 

Long story short — my recent dalliance with many Traktor units has shown me that a long-held aversion to the software was a massive lapse of judgment on my part.

I’m happy to say that I was wrong. 

The slightly longer version

Due to early experiences with Final Scratch and the first Traktor Pro, I developed a preference for Serato Scratch Live and Itch. Over time, this evolved, with little reason, into a definite “I don’t like Traktor” belief. Well, there were definite reasons, but they shouldn’t have been enough to stop me from spending time with it.

So if reviews were needed, my Traktor-friendly friends would do the duties, and my only input being the pretty pictures. 

But having just prepped the Kontrol S4 MK3, S8, S5, and D2s for sale, I’ve realised that I’ve missed out, almost to the point of regret, something I do not do. Ever.

Do tell

Traktor Pro 3 is mature. The D2s give a generous serving of Traktor into a conventional setup. The S5 is that compact all-in-one fun controller for those just wanting to mix. The S4 MK3 is the Swiss army knife of all that is good in digital DJing. And the S8 combined with turntables is the ultimate bleeding-edge überkontroller experience.

And now it’s all going (S4 already sold), and I feel like I’ve stupidly robbed myself of so many years of alternative fun to the Serato world I felt safe in. Bugger.

There’s no point in keeping it. While I might miss them when they’re gone, I know they’ll sit in their boxes as my time is devoted to more creative pursuits. 

Oh well. I had my chance. 

The moral of this story

It’s natural to develop preferences and loyalties. The problem is that over time these can develop into beliefs, and eventually maybe even prejudices. Here’s a startling fact — from a comments box perspective, more people express hate for brands and technology than they do love. Human nature seems to indicate that negativity is our first and lasting response.

My advice — tear down the walls you’ve built around your beliefs and invite fresh thoughts and new experiences. Like me, you might find out that you were missing out on so much good stuff. 

Like Rhubarb for example. After many decades of not eating it, I bloody love the stuff now. And my life is better for it. 

Before you ask

Yes, this is the NI for sale stack. Note — the S4 emkay 3 in the picture is already sold:

  • Maschine Studio
  • Kontrol S8
  • Kontrol S5
  • Kontrol D2 x 2
  • Kontrol X1 MK1
  • Kontrol F1
  • Kontrol F1/X1/Z1 case
  • Kontrol F1/X1/Z1 decksaver

I’m just trying to sort out the self-induced nightmare of numerous user accounts to untangle the mess of almost two decades of product registrations so that I can be sure that every Traktor unit gets software too.

Give me a few days to sort out the software and then I’ll do a proper post with prices.