FOR SALE — The Traktor Stash I just got to know

Oh how I will miss this lot

It’s getting towards the end of the huge DJWORX sale, and we’re into the second pile of the special stuff.

And if you read the last story where I lament my late discovery of just how good Traktor and its hardware really are, you’ll understand why I call it special.

A very special thank you

While checking this pile of NI stuff was good to go, I discovered that over the years I’d registered all the NI review gear under three different accounts. This would have been quite the nightmare to sort quickly, but reaching out to Traktor people at NI made sure that every piece of hardware has the necessary software to go with it. Not just Traktor Pro 2 you understand, but the full Traktor Pro 3 that you would have had to pay for.

They didn’t have to — they could have said no and even gone as far as requesting this gear back. But they’re hoping that my recent epiphany will tempt some of you to dip your toe in the Traktor world. If you do, feel free to share your new setups on social media with the #trakorpro hashtag.

Thanks again NI.


  • Unless stated, assume it’s in first-class condition. I look after stuff. 
  • The price is already good. So unless you’re looking for a number of items and trying to get better delivery deals, please don’t come at me with cheeky but insulting lowballs, because if it doesn’t sell here, I’ll eBay it.
  • Price includes UK delivery. Elsewhere will be more.
  • I post some things by Royal Mail but the larger heavier stuff is via fully insured courier only.
  • You can pay by Paypal or better still by direct bank transfer so I avoid fees. Or if you so choose, you can even pay me a visit, collect in person, and put cold hard cash in my hands.
  • This will be up for a week or so, and anything that’s unsold will go to eBay.

Need more info or just want to snap my hand off — drop me an email at

A note about Brexit

I’m sure some of you outside of the UK would be interested in this. But Brexit has messed everything up. Instead of just a courier fee (which has gone up), there’s now a mixture of VAT and duty to pay. So while my asking prices are attractive, you’ll have to factor in the extra payments at your end on top.

So for this reason, I’m more focused on UK buyers, but don’t rule out international sales.

The list

I’ll call this the penultimate post as there are a few more bits to come. But this is the NI and especially Traktor focussed list for sale.

Traktor Kontrol S8

When NI went off down their #futureofdjing route, their vision was to ditch jogwheels and appeal to those wanting a more producer/performer workflow but with the ability to take in analogue sources to use in tandem. And that’s what the Kontrol S8 brings.

On one hand, it’s a next-generation controller that utilises Traktor Pro to the max across four channels. But you can hook up CDJs and turntables to play analogue sources, or even use DVS alongside Traktor digital channels.

I have grown to love this. The mixture of traditional and new in one unit is amazing, as is the ability to use the extremes of each.

Jared’s DJWORX review is here:

Condition is first class and comes with a full copy of Traktor Pro 3

Price: £525

Traktor Kontrol S5

Think of this as the cut-down S8, but still a full four digital channels. It has most of the digital Traktor goodness but lacks the additional inputs.

I actually found this to be a more focused experience with Traktor. In fact, it was the first unit I checked out that opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing.

Dan’s DJWORX review is here:

This is like new and comes with a full copy of Traktor Pro 3.

Price: £425

Traktor Kontrol D2 x 2

Imagine chopping off a deck from the Kontrol S8 or S5 — now you’ve got the Kontrol D2.

These allow you to insert Traktor decks into any analogue setup. Each Kontrol D2 gives you access to two full Traktor decks, so you could add one to an existing setup, or use a pair as a full four channels of Traktor goodness along with a four-channel mixer. My friends use a pair with their Xone 96, and I came this close to keeping them.

Jared’s review:

Price for pair: £520
Price each: £275

Maschine Studio

This was the one piece of gear that I know would be a huge mistake to keep. It happened before — I wanted to take some pics of an original Maschine and lost 24 hours to the shiny beauty.

And for this reason, this pristine Maschine Studio must not stay in The Worxlab. It will consume me and all my time.

This is definitely for the producers and beatmakers out there. But it’s priced well enough for DJs who fancy experimenting to have a go.

Trust me — the price does not reflect the beauty of this unit. It’s in pristine condition and comes with a full copy of Maschine 2 software.

Price: £325

Traktor Kontrol X1 MK1

Back in 2010, this was the first piece of Traktor hardware from NI, and it set the scene on fire. Integrates fully with Traktor or via MIDI mode can be mapped in other software. Such was the popularity that even Serato officially supported the X1 MK1.

Used but fully working and in great condition. Unboxed but comes with a USB cable.

Price: £50

One last thing

There will be a Traktor Scratch A10 DVS package to add, but I’m still drawing it.

That’s it

All being well, there’s one more list of odds and ends that’ll arrive soon. In the meantime, hit me up if you’re interested.