The Worxlab limited edition

Everything stays the same. Except the price.

Bucking the trend in an expensive world.

The Worxlab has been alive for almost a year now. It took a while to get up and running but feels like it’s moved from a five-year-old idea to a real business. I’m selling prints so it must be.

As a dedicated bootstrapper, developing the idea of creating and delivering a limited edition art print anywhere in the world was a costly exercise which determined the original offer price.

But now the offer is honed and our processes are much improved.

And we (i.e. my brilliant better half and myself) want to pass those savings on to you.

The Worxlab Mark Settle fine art prints limited edition

Looking at prices

As of today, there’s a new pricing structure for the standard editions:

7” print with mount — £75 each with a limited run of 45 prints

12” print — £95 each with a limited run of 33 prints

A2 print — £125 for a limited run of 20 prints.

There will be random special editions, from one-offs to longer runs (see the Vestax Trinity as a good example) from time to time and these will be individually priced.

The Worxlab Mark Settle fine art prints giclee DJ limited edition technical illustration

Summing up

Occupying a niche is where I’m happiest. So I know that my work is for the few. But despite making them more accessible, nothing else has changed.

It’s the same buying experience.

The same quality.

The same exclusivity.

The same sustainability.

The same purpose.

The same care.

I just made my art a little easier to own.

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