Do Lectures

Do Lectures — the things the last ten years have taught me

Well... 20 years actually

I’m a big fan of the DO Lectures. So when this popped up in my various feeds, I figured it would be good to share with you. It’s not all applicable to me or probably you, but worthy of a moment of your time.

Oscar Wilde once said, “I am not young enough to know everything”. I’ve heard it paraphrased as “young enough to know it all”.

You get to an age where you realise you don’t. Trust me — don’t leave it too late to start learning.

The Worxlab House Rules

1. Be polite, constructive, and helpful.
2. Never be afraid to challenge opinions, but remember point 1.
3. Stay on topic.

The rules are simple to explain and follow. Veer from them and I'll happily show the door. I trust I have been quite clear.

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