Sennheiser HD 25 Worxab art print

Coming next — the Sennheiser HD 25 edition

For DJs and pilots too apparently

I’m not sure which flight it was, what year, or where I was coming from or going to. But being seated right next to the cockpit, I saw what I thought was the pilot wearing a pair of DJ favourite Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. 

But a quick double-take told me that thankfully he wasn’t psyching himself up with a few death metal tracks before hurtling us at several hundred miles an hour into the sky. Somehow, these were pilot-specific HD 25s.

Sennheiser HME 25 KA headphones HD 25
DJs take you on a journey. And so do pilots. And they wear almost the same headphones too.


Upon my safe landing, I dug a little deeper and discovered that the HD 25 DNA runs deep in the Sennheiser range, and in this case was probably the HMEC 25-KA model or some derivative thereof. 

I tell this story to underline the importance of the HD 25 and why it’s the next Worxlab limited edition.

An industry standard

While the gear we have in front of us in our DJ setup might be an ever-evolving fluid concept, some things have remained constant. 

Released in 1988, the HD 25s were around before the first CDJ, DVS, controller, or mobile device. Yet they have been used constantly for the last 30+ years with all of these platforms, something that I don’t see changing for a long time. 

There have been many editions and related variants. But I’m sticking with what I would call the classic design. In my particular case, I’ve got a pair of the special edition Adidas HD 25s, bought from legendary UK DJ Loop Skywalker* after he won yet another stash of booty in a DJ battle. 

*DJ Loop Skywalker has written a book about his illustrious career. You can grab it here.

Sennheiser HD-25 headphones art print The Worxlab
Yes, I counted every groove.

Where I’m at

For fun, I sat down to draw the HD 25s some time ago. I fully disassembled them and drew full projections of each part. Then I put them back together and left the illustration alone until today.

Now I need to recheck each part all over again, tweak it to match my evolving skills and increasing standards, and fully assemble the bits to create the complete HD 25. 

I will however be leaving off the Adidas branding. These prints will be just like the regular models.

A personal note

I want to thank Sennheiser for granting permission to use their intellectual property and be part of The Worxlab project.

Like everything I do, I’m doing it properly. So if an edition appears in the shop, rest assured that it’s done so with the full blessing of the IP holders.

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