Cables — I’m now convinced that they breed

I swear these aren't mine

The great Worxlab attic cleanse continues. The piles of detritus continue to grow in propertion to my black sack supply diminishing. And as promised, I’m recycling/reusing as much as is possible. The salvage to scrap bag ratio is a healthy 4:1 right now. And what gets sold goes to the long overdue and now very necessary new camera fund.

Like Tribbles

However, one thing has become apparent, and I’m sure it’s a thing that we can all relate to — how the hell did I collect so many bloody cables? 

The box above shows the ones from the attic that have lounged unused for many years. I keep buying power strips not knowing that I had eight to spare. Do they breed? Like Tribbles?

I’ve also got several power bricks and no idea what they go with. Hell, I’ve even written “Korg” on some of them with a Sharpie but own no Korg gear.

I’ve always been meticulous in putting them back in boxes after reviewing or selling units. And glancing around the floors, desks, and walls of The Worxlab, I cannot see any toys that are lacking wall warts.

Note to any industry that makes electrical stuff

Put your bloody logo on power bricks. Even if it’s just a sticker that you put in the box that we apply ourselves, the world will instantly be a better place. I should turn this into a campaign. I’ll probably win a Nobel prize for services to humanity or something. A statue outside NAMM would be nice.

Other than USB on the other end, I had no idea what this was until I looked it up. And I’ve never owned anything that it would fit.

The good news

I have a floor again and little intention of keeping anything that, as William Morris once said, I do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

And a big box of random unused cables is neither, especially when I already have an antique set of drawers crammed full of cables. But obviously, the very second I offload them (ideally via a recycling scheme that I’ve yet to find), I’ll suddenly need that weird cable or one more of the ones I’ve moved on through lack of use.

One thing is obvious — the cleanse is helping me immensely. I’m finding all kinds of good memories, such as the huge box of business cards that remind me of trips to trade shows and meeting good people.

It’s extremely cathartic for me and underlines that as great as skratchworx and DJWORX were, I needed to move on to make fresh good memories so I could remember the old ones with great fondness. 

More importantly, it clears so much of the jumble of my mind and environment. I need clarity if I’m to execute my plans effectively.

  1. Genuine question:

    Does anyone, like anyone, have any idea how cables around the back of the TV get so knotted up? i haven’t been near ours for about 5 years and they were pretty organised when i left them, went to move our router last week and spent 40 minutes untangling wires. They are living organisms.

    1. No — I’ve never been inclined to make merch at all. I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle for the few quid I’d make. I preferred for people to just enjoy our work instead.

      Maybe before they become distant memories I could know out some very limited high-quality shirts. Mustn’t forget the Skratchlounge either. That ran for many years, and had the t-shirt worthy “a sturdy ironing board springs to mind” meme.

      This gimp mask was an in-joke between Mike Trix (he was Vestax UK) and myself. It snowballed into me sourcing a couple of eBay and having the logo added by someone who was going to make custom covers for gear (incidentally found my prototypes too).

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