Beatport DJ

Beatport DJ is DJing in a browser

No really

This gem dropped into my timeline last night. Beatport DJ essentially is Beatport Link in a browser-based DJ skin.

Think of it as a library manager and two deck DJ app that delivers the basics of what DJs need. But it also has audio routing and MIDI should you want to step up to more physical DJing.

I hear the cries coming from comments boxes. It’s the death of DJing for the… counts fingers… umpteenth time. Or it’s yet another game-changer.

The scene does seem to be using up its nine lives if you listen to armchair pundits. And will it really change the game?

What do you think?

  1. It is good, to make purchase decisions, but I think not too many of us will use it in the final hours/minutes to test song-match. Yes, if one buys a new track in the last minites.

    But most likely all of us have the SW on the DJ device, and can use it without gear to test out things.

  2. Interesting that this idea is being ressurected, is the next step to merge the Beatport brands and give access to a wider catalogue? I’m not going to fall into the death of DJing trap, but does this further squeeze Serato? With Denon & Pioneer persuing their own hard/software integration (admittedly hedging their bets at present), I wonder if Serato need to make a move into hardware or tighter streaming integrated to fend off the risk. Was ever thus for them I suppose, but does the Beatport move amplify the problem?

    1. Haha Mark great to see you here. Beatport DJ is based YouDJ, which is based on PartyCloud, same passionate team! It took us 8-9 years to reach that level. It doesn’t look like it but there are lot of technologies in there, it is not a wordpress website 😀

  3. Hello there.
    I think it’s a really good idea and something really useful when you travel to a festival to another.
    I mean you’re in the train, plane, car, bus you just figure out how to complete your last set….but damn you don’t have any gear or djing software on your notebook travel.
    Et voilà!

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