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ASPECTS #2 and #3 — Pioneer CDJ in a different way

When platters became jog wheels and changed the world.

Thirteen years ago, I reviewed the CDJ-900. At that time, I pushed my macro lens into its eye and shot something that I consider to be both iconic and at the same time ironic.

For me, this has been one of the most striking photos I’ve ever taken.

Worxlab Aspects revolution irony fine art print

Jump forward to today. Behold, the Worxlab. I’ve had these three shots on my assorted Worxlab walls for over a decade. And out of the thousands of shots I’ve taken, this CDJ shot is the only image I’ve ever named. I call it “Irony”.

It struck me that this image, repurposed into a 12″ square, would make a perfect addition to my new ASPECTS range. As a macro shot, you get to see how the LCD is not just pixels, but a complex custom mesh that, as my better half so perfectly describes it, looks like bricks.

But it’s in the ASPECTS range for a reason. It’s an iconic image, one that deserves a name that befits its status on the DJ timeline.

But what to call it? 

Presenting The Worxlab Aspects #2 — REVOLUTION.

Because that’s exactly what the CDJ-1000 was — it started the digital DJ revolution. Booths were never the same again. And while the model numbers have changed, CDJs have remained a constant, and a borderline genericisation (yes that’s a word… probably) of the CDJ name.

But I’m still rather attached to the respectful cheekiness of my original name. And when I was staring at it for inspiration, I was struck by how many common letters Vinyl and Irony shared. 

So I made a second version.

Presenting The Worxlab Aspects #3 — IRONY.

There’s more to this than meets the eye. This wasn’t the easiest of creative tasks. But I love the end result.

It’s exactly the kind of image I would have made for a DJWORX news story. On its own, it means little. But for a select few connoisseurs, it’ll raise a knowing grin.

One size. One colour. One run.

Like all my work, this is a strictly limited run, running just 33 giclée fine art prints per image, in monochrome, and in the DJ-friendly 12″ size only.

REVOLUTION and IRONY are in the shop today.

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