Interesting things that came up while drawing.

Allen & Heath Xone:96 limited edition fine art giclee print Worxlab xone 96
The Worxlab was being worked on for years before I finally flicked the switch. And the Allen & Heath Xone:96 was one of the first I worked on. The mixer was perfect for my obsessively detailed work ethic. And it definitely tested my abilities, and over time developed my style in leaps and bounds. But now after many revisits to the illustration,...
The Worxlab limited edition
We live in a world where everything is going up in price. But I've always loved going against the flow, and The Worxlab is no exception. I'm making my work more accessible to your wallet.
Given the DJ focussed path I’ve taken over the last decades to get to this point, you’d reasonably expect that anything coming out of The Worxlab is likely to be similarly themed.  And the assorted numbers involved with DJing, especially with vinyl, have lent themselves perfectly to the task of deciding sizes and run lengths. We started with 7” prints with a...
The Worxlab Styles DJ art print
Life isn't black and white. And neither are The Worxlab prints. Presenting The Worxlab Styles, in Line, Dark, and Colour options.
The first splendid print is ready to buy from the shop. I'm officially a shopkeeper now.
It's only taken five years to come to fruition. But finally, I can truly say welcome to The Worxlab. Gear related limited edition fine art prints await you.

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