About the prints

When I started drawing classic gear, I had no idea where the idea might end up. On people’s walls seems like a good plan. But I knew I wanted them to be special. 

Clearly, mass-producing posters and spending my days tube stuffing wasn’t an option. And after a period (around five years) of drawing and printing with increasingly higher quality printers, paper, and ink, I’ll be producing my own fine art giclée prints.


Starting with the gear — if I don’t own it, I’ll find it. And using all manner of engineering tools, I measure everything to two decimal places and reproduce it in Adobe Illustrator. These are technical illustrations after all. 

I fill my iPhone with macro photos to make sure that every detail is captured, including all the bad letter spacing on old classic units. Well… especially those details. 

Do you know how many grooves are on the original CDJ-1000 unit? I do. Because details matter. 


My standards are such that I need to have complete control over my output. 

I need to know that the resolution is as high as possible. And that the paper is acid-free archival quality etching paper with 25% cotton content. And that Canon Lucia pigment ink is used to ensure that the prints last for decades.

Limited editions

This project isn’t about volume — it’s making sure that people who care can invest in something special. So I’ll only be doing runs of 45 prints per edition, which seems like a suitable DJ themed amount.

These editions will be of different sizes and colours. We’ll work out how best to release them as time goes on.


With every print comes a certificate of authenticity. It’s just our way of letting you know that you have an original print, numbered and signed by me.

Summing up

The essence of this project is the personal touch. I source the gear, draw it in obsessive detail, print it with care, and package every one of them personally. I’d deliver them myself if that were practical.

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