About the packaging

While we make absolutely sure that your Worxlab art print arrives safe and sound, we care about the packaging before we send, and equally about what happens after it arrives.

So we’ve spent time researching materials to make sure they’re sustainably and ethically sourced, recyclable, or reusable. 


Printed materials are all from recycled sources, and recyclable too. Even the tape is made from recycled materials using non-toxic biodegradable adhesive. 

Art is traditionally protected by clear film, a material that doesn’t always recycle easily. Our bags use BOPP polypropylene, a readily recyclable material that is suited to reprocessing more than regular polypropylene. 

And yes, we have looked at biodegradable films, but their shelf life is short and they’re not as robust as other solutions. 

And of course, the packaging can always be reused. The 7″ mailers and inner plastic sleeves are ideal for vinyl collectors and traders.

A good start

As we’re just getting going, we’re happy with what we’re sending out balancing protection with eco-friendliness. Rest assured we’ll be constantly evaluating and evolving our packaging to make its environmental impact as small as possible.

And it’s not for marketing brownie points. It’s because it matters.

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