The Worxlab print in a frame
The Worxlab prints are art. So frame them.

About framing

We view our prints as art and strongly believe that they should be professionally framed. But we don’t sell framed prints.

As you can imagine, shipping paper, wood, and glass in a box is a risky proposition. A better solution however exists on your doorstep.

Support local business

We recommend that you find a professional framer near you and work with them to make your Worxlab print pop when it hangs on your wall. We use Friendly Framing in Halifax, but there are more than 20 in a similar radius.

Our advice – because inks don’t care for strong sunshine, make sure it’s framed under UV protective glass, and try to keep it out of direct sunlight.

The Worxlab Art Vinyl frames

Other solutions

Because our 12″ mounts are the same size as vinyl sleeves, you could use the popular Art Vinyl frames to display your new prints.

Equally one of the widely available nominal 12″ frames from regular shops has a strong chance of fitting too.

Another option is to use a picture shelf. We got some for The Worxlab from Willow and Stone. The small size is an exact fit for the 12″ mount we supply.

Treat yourself

Ultimately, we feel like that amount of time and care that has gone into the Worxlab print deserves professional framing. Your wall will thank you for it.

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